Academic Excellence
      Alumni attending Branson, Salesian and St. Mary’s High Schools
      Faith and Value formation nurturing mind body and soul
      Sustain your Child for a lifetime
      The Most Affordable Quality Education
      Generous Financial Aid Available
      Lifelong friends are developed here
      Funding Hopes and Dreams
      Support our current and future generations
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      St. Cornelius Catholic School provides academic rigor and educational success by developing the minds and hearts of our children, in a faith-centered environment.
      Students achieve Academic Success by learning and practicing 21st century skills.

      The average Small Class Size of 20-25 students supports individualized instruction to address the needs of all students.

      Highly qualified Committed and Caring Teachers and Staff are dedicated to maintaining academic rigor.

      Our school is Accredited by WCEA and WASC  through a rigorous accreditation process not required by public schools.

      Saint Cornelius Catholic School provides a foundation of Faith and Character Formation that will sustain your child for a lifetime.

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      Tuition does not cover all the costs of running St. Cornelius Catholic School.  As a result, financial support from our community is vital to our success. Learn more about how you can help.
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